We do ''NOT'' offer our puppies with Full BREEDING RIGHTS 'What is a pet home? Pet home means you want a pet companion 

Puppies are placed with limited AKC (American Kennel Club) Registration. AKC limited registration is a type of registration that "limits" a dog's ability to produce AKC registered puppies. This type of registration, along with a spay/neuter contract, is often used by breeders to assure that a particular dog is not used for breeding.The dog with the Limited reg. papers IS registered! The only difference is that his or her PUPS CANNOT be registered.The rights to breed were not given by the breeder.The breeder is placing this dog as a pet only.You will receive your limited AKC Registration Application upon completion of spay/neuter or at pickup time if pup has already been spayed or neutered by my vet.

All pups are placed as pets and will not be bredBluecajun pups are placed on a very strict spay/neuter contract or already fixed . All pups come with a signed contract upon pickup.Must be 18 years old to sign.We do not give out breeding rights on any pups. In order to protect my lines random pups will be fixed before they leave .So your pup may be fixed before leaving.I do randomly spay/neuter my blue lines.This should not bother anyone wanting a pet only pup.All bluecajun pups must be fixed by 6 months of age by a certain date that will be on your contract.You will either have a spay neuter contract or a already fixed pup contact all depending on if your pup was randomly fixed. If your pup is not fixed and you want your pup fixed before pickup just let me know and My vet can easily fix most pups(pricing will be a little higher).

 We do not do a waiting list-- First come first serve-A non $300 non refundable DEPOSIT(deposit is deducted from the price of the pup) is to hold your pup till pickup time the remainder of the balance is due at pickup time.The deposit will be deducted from the price of the puppy's cost.''No checks ''will be accepted at pickup due to I have no time for it to clear.Checks take between 2 to 3 weeks to clear.
All pups are sold on first come first serve with deposits down. 
Once the deposit is placed the pup will be marked sold or on hold.


Puppies are to be picked up by 9 to 13 weeks old unless other arrangements have been made.If the balance due is not received when the puppy is 10 weeks old the DEPOSIT is forfeited, contract is void, and the puppy will be placed back up for adoption .Once I take a deposit the pup is marked sold and is taken off the market to other buyers.If you back out then I have lost many sales while the pup was marked sold.So no deposits will be refunded.Once a deposit is down it can not be switched to another puppy.Fill out form for pricing on individual pup. 

PRICING Each pup is priced individually. Contact for price on individual pup once it is placed in my Nursery with available on it.All pups are priced individually, Almost all of my dogs are rare so If you are looking common colors.I usually only have rare dogs here.Look up( do and internet search) Blue Shih tzu in the world and see where I rank. I worked hard to get that spot.I have some awesome dogs and am proud.

True Blue's,Lavenders and light eyes are in a higher price range due to rarity.

These are American Kennel Club Registered Shih tzu so pricing will go by pedigree and color/sex/ eye color and size.
Blue eyes and light eyes and The Blue color shih tzu are very hard to produce.They are very ,very rare.
Blues are the Rarest color shih tzu in the world. )Are priced higher due to being that rare to produce.Blue eyes are almost impossible to find and produce so those will be at the high end of that range.

Shipping is not included in the pups price 
Shipping is available for $500 extra to the price of the pup .Pup will be hand delivered to your airport/Pup rides in cabin with my pet nanny/ none of my pups ride in cargo.Pups must be 12 weeks old to fly.Shipping is only available in the united states. I do not ship out of the U.S.A.

*One year Health Guarantee 

* Vet Checked

* Up to date on Shots  


*Wormings at 2,4,6, 8 

* Shot and Worm Records from my vet.

*sample Puppy Food

*Folder and Instructions/Tips

*Pups are already Started on puppy pad training since 3 weeks of age.

*A.K.C. ltd .papers  (American Kennel Club) Registration will be given if spayed/ neutered here on pickup of pup/If pup is not fixed , papers will be given with proof from your vet that pup was spayed/neutered

We do not guarantee size on any pups ''our breeders range from 3 to 11 lbs''Size all depends on what's in the pups pedigree. Same litter can have Imperials which are the tiny and standards which are the regular sized shihtzu.Most of my dogs run on the small size under 9 lbs .

Visit's are by scheduled appointments only.SERIOUS INQUIRES ONLY please. Remember if you have to cancel.Please call and let me know I would appreciate the consideration since I am always very busy here and always have others who want the same puppy and I lose sales when you do not show.
 FIRST COME FIRST SERVE with a deposit down.I no longer hold dogs without a deposit.

Bluecajunshihtzus is INSPECTED AND IN COMPLIANCE WITH A.K.C.All dog are up to date on Rabies, shots and and vet visits.
I will give you my Home address Only after we have set up an appointment.We only raise A.K.C. shihtzu here.No other breeds.

Pups are raised in my living room.Pups are vet checked and are up to date on shots and also dewormed at 2,4,6,and 8 weeks .Pups are started on puppy pad training at 3 weeks and usually well on their way when they leave here.I do not allow people to visit pups until after 4 weeks of age and it will be serious inquires only .I usually do not price pups until 4 - 6 weeks.I post up many pictures before 4 weeks to 12 weeks and it gives me and YOU time to access each pup.

My adults or parents can all be seen through my sliding GLASS doors or inside with their pups,Also on my security camera's. I have camera's everywhere. I do not allow people onto my decks with my parents due what people can carry from one place to another on their shoes.I am a hobby breeder so I do not have a kennel.Parvo and human disease or any other air born disease can be carried by a person walking in an infected area, picked up on shoes or clothing and transported to another innocent dog.
My pups live in a very clean environment, I sanitize everyday and DO NOT want to jeopardize any of my dogs in anyway.A lot of breeders won’t let you on their premises, but I am willing to let you come see the parents and where they live, etc.. But only by appointment and ONLY if I am the first or only home you visit that day and not coming from another kennel.I’m sure other breeders will appreciate the same consideration 
All parents pictures are on this website .

All PARENTS are ON MY PREMISES.I use my own studs and do not stud out any dogs.
We only breed A.K.C.shihtzu and Shihtzu are the only breed at Bluecajuns.
All of my BREEDERS are ''Full ''A.K.C. registered.All males are Dna profiled in the A.K.C. stud books.

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The documents, photos, and other information is intended for the use of Bluecajunshihtzus Only. No material from this website will be copied, distributed or used on any other website, publication or advertisement of any kind.   Reproducing or displaying our photographs or written materials without express written consent  is a violation of U.S. Federal Copyright Act.  2019 
 Bluecajunshihtzus reserves the right to refuse a sale.

  TO ''''contact us '''USE the form at the bottom of this page .
All info on adoption is on this page.

Before you place a Deposit- non refundable We do our best to prevent umbilical hernias but they are very common with the Shih Tzu breed. They are not life threatening and can be repaired surgically, if necessary, at the same time of spay/neuter.My vet will not fix any hernias until pups are 5 months due to many hernias repair themselves on their own.

Shih Tzu commonly snort, sniffle, and snore. A clear discharge is normal, especially when the puppy is teething. Tight nostrils are very common and normally open and correct as your puppy matures. Open fontanels (soft spots in the skull) are also common, and usually close as your puppy matures.  Most Shih Tzu do not require surgical repair for these issues. Most out grown these issues  I do not cover any type of vet bills after pups leaves bluecajuns.

******Puppy Adoption Application******* 
    This Application is for possible puppy sales only. I do not sell breeding rights!
   No breeding!!
  I had to take down my phone number/The phone does not stop ringing due to soliciting and breeding questions.
We will BE more then happy to call you back on any questions pertaining to adopting your new baby.Please fill out form below with a phone number.
We only have what is available in my NURSERY.If you see an available pup you want in my nursery fill out the contact form with a phone number and any questions on that puppy
Please leave a phone number,I like to know who I am talking to in person when it comes to my babies .So leave a phone number if you are serious please.If you do not hear from me it means I did not get your form or you never put your phone number. Again I do not answer forms without a phone number..Serious inquires only please.Thanks

   All pups come with a signed contract upon pickup.Must be 18 years old to sign.Thanks

The American Kennel Club (AKC) is a registry of purebred dog pedigrees in the United States.In addition to maintaining its pedigree registry, this kennel club also promotes and sanctions events for purebred dogs, including the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show, an annual event which predates the official forming of the AKC, the National Dog Show ...
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I was also Inspected on 5/16/18 with my Parish and passed inspection and have a Kennel license and each individual dog I own has each passed inspection and all dogs are also licensed and up to date on all vaccines and vetting.
This is the wall of hard work! My dogs now have 4 tags I have a obtained a kennel license with my state and A.K.C plus each individual dog was inspected and and all are licensed .