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 Congrats to Lyric and Bourbon, born 7/11/2018 

Congrats to Shaye on adopting 2 pups from this litter they will be welcomed home by Piper a past Bluecajun pup.This will make 3 Bluecajun shihtzus
  Congrats to Carol C Of Mississippi she has adopted So'me
Tiny Rare Lavender adopted by Sheila
Rare True light blue
Ashlynne and Artic, litter  born 7/18/2018 Adopted by ''Bonnie'' new name will be Ava Grace

Rare Male True blue nose ''Slate'' ''Adopted by Christine Brooklynne
Female Blue Brindle and white ''Sasha' 
Parish and Spain litter, 6/7/2018  ADOPTED BY HUNTER

Rare Lavender Male Copper.Ashlynne and Artic, litter born 7/18/2018 
Adopted by Stacey ''Copper'' now named Teddy will be getting certified training to be a therapy dog and will be helping a lot of people.Awesome!Bluecajun has about 9 therapy and service dogs out there.That is awesome!