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Bluecajun shih tzu reserves the right to refuse a sale.
We reserve the right to randomly spay and neuter any puppy before it leaves 
Breeder reserves first choice on any pups.
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Located near Thibodaux,Houma and Morgan City.
1 hour and a half from New Orleans,Baton Rouge and Lafayette,
LOUISIANA Shipping is available We  have a pet nanny.
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We reserve the right to randomly spay and neuter any puppy before it leaves .
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 ''Brooklynn and Artic  7 pups!
   6 females ,1 male  
1.Dob.January 9 
2.Pick up date- Ready to leave March 14th
 All Rare pups! I Will take deposits and price after I call eye color.If you want to be notified when I price these and am ready for deposits fill out my form and I will put your name in a email folder.I will email inquires a letter with pricing and available pups at about 5 to 6 weeks of age.
Any questions? fill out contact form Thanks

Blue brindle
Blue brindle
Blue brindle
Those colors are so rare! wow I love it! extra pictures of this litter
thinking red liver or dark lavender like Brooklynn
All we have is what is in this Nursery.This is the only page that has pups that will be available on it.If you are looking for a puppy it will listed be on this page only.We have upcoming litters that are not born yet coming soon.Thanks