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Bluecajun shih tzu reserves the right to refuse a sale.
We reserve the right to randomly spay and neuter any puppy before it leaves 
Breeder reserves first choice on any pups.
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Located near Thibodaux,Houma and Morgan City.
1 hour and a half from New Orleans,Baton Rouge and Lafayette,
LOUISIANA Shipping is available We  have a pet nanny.
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This page was last updated: July 18, 2019
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If you need a pet sitter, I highly recommend Maxine!
If you are interested in being notified when I have Bluecajun Shih-Tzu puppies available please do the following: 

Join the email list(I am going to start sending out emails with updates and other information).  I will email you when I post up new litters,when I post up new nursery pics, Pricing and Dates when I will take deposits so If you are interested in a pup you will know in advance what will be available and when.
This is not a waiting list .This email will be to inform you of  new litters, new pups, new pictures and when pups will be available for deposits. Thanks

We reserve the right to randomly spay and neuter any puppy before it leaves .
NEW Litters are due this month in July! Check back we have a few litters coming!
We have one female due on the last day of this month also.Those will be standards. We will have Imperials and Standards in all the litters.None will be priced until eyes open due to some may have blue eyes and those are priced higher,Also watching for nose colors to fill in. So we will be watching all the litters be born before I take deposits.That will also give everyone a chance to look at the pups. I will be posting alot of pictures as all litters arrive, 
This page was last updated: July 18, 2019
HURRICANE  Puppies born in the hurricane

Eve pup (male)
Bourbon dad to the Eve litter
Artic dad to the CC one pup litter
Barry First born in the hurricane Barry
Surge He came out like a surge ''very fast''
Rainydark like the storm
''Nash'' (Roberts weather man( retired new orleans)
Jim ''Cantore''weather man) love it,little but mighty.
Storm from his dads name is Artic Blast and he was a hurricane baby His name will fit him for sure.
2 hrs · San Jose, CA · GG is from Bluecajunshihtzus.com
Tune in to Despiertaadlb tomorrow morning for GG’s 🐶 big 📺 debut. #Dead. I went to Univision 14 to film a segment about the #BlogShop 🛍 happening this Saturday at Le Marché, but GG stole the show 😂. Must be tough being a cute #shihtzu. She’s my little sidekick, my 💗, and by far my most glamorous accessory 💁🏽‍♀️. Speaking of sidekicks...thank you all for having my back 🙏🏽 and helping me decide which 👠 to wear with this outfit! It was close but the rose gold pair beat the clear heels 54% - 46%. Get BTS footage on my IG story and shop my look via here: http://liketk.it/2DsSF. #KKandGG #kelseykaplanfashion