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Bluecajun shih tzu reserves the right to refuse a sale.
We reserve the right to randomly spay and neuter any puppy before it leaves 
Breeder reserves first choice on any pups.
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The documents, photos, and other information is intended for the use of Bluecajunshihtzus ONLY.
The documents, photos, and other information are NOT to be COPIED,without written consent from Bluecajunshihtzus
Located near Thibodaux,Houma and Morgan City.
1 hour and a half from New Orleans,Baton Rouge and Lafayette,
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This page was last updated: July 13, 2018
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Contact us by filling out our contact us form.
All info needed to adopt is located on the contact us page.Visits by appointment only.
All pups are sold on a very strict spay/neuter contract or MOST pups will be already fixed to protect linage. 
We do not sell breeding rights .
Pets only.
*One year Health Guarantee 
* Vet Checked and Health record from vet
* Up to date on Shots  
*Wormings at 2,4,6,8,10 weeks 
* Shot and Worm Records from my vet.
*Purina puppy chow sample Puppy Food
*Folder and Instructions/Tips
*Pups are already Started on puppy pad/and puppy pen training making the transition easy.
*A.K.C. ltd .papers (American Kennel Club) Registration will be given if spayed/ neutered here on pickup of pup/If pup is not fixed , papers will be given with proof from your vet that pup was spayed/neutered
We reserve the right to randomly spay and neuter any puppy before it leaves 
 For more info fill out our contact us form.
Congrats to Brooklynne 10 lbs and Artic 7 lbs on this awesome litter born 6/6/2018
 All very rare pups! Because of the rare colors ''these will fall in my higher price'' range.These are very rare and if they weigh enough they will be spayed/neutered before leaving.You can fill out form to get on our free waiting list.I will price in about 2 weeks after vet check then take deposits.

I was also Inspected on 5/16/18 with my Parish and passed inspection and have a Kennel license and each individual dog I own has each passed inspection and  all dogs are also licensed and up to date on all vaccines and vetting.

 Congrats to Parish and Spain, 5 pups born 6/7/2018
You can fill out form to get on our free waiting list.
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rare lavender female
Rare True Blue
Rare Blue Brindle
Rare lavender
Rare lavender
Rare True Blue
Rare Blue Brindle
Rare True Blue
 I am waiting to put ''available'' on these pups after all 4 litters are born.
We are waiting on Ashlynnes litter to be born.

1. Free waiting list to insure you get to pick before the public.People on list pick first.
2. $300 non refundable deposit TO HOLD PUP as I go down the waiting list .
3. fill out my form with a phone number and I will call you or reply to you by email. 

No pup is available for deposit until after they are 6 weeks old,vet checked and after eye color is called.Light eyed pups are in a higher price range being they are very rare in the shihtzu.

These blue,lavenders and solid white pups are the rarest color shih tzu and do fall into a higher price range then regular shihtzu colors due to rarity. I can not promise eye color. Eyes can change colors and if they do it will be after 8 weeks.Pups will be priced by fur and nose color. It takes time to call eye color and most pups are not here long enough for me to tell you if the eyes will stay blue.They have a great chance being they are coming off of blue eyes and the lines but this is not a guarantee,As I said they can change.Any pup that starts off with light eyes now should keep light eyes . Eyes that start off blue can turn -- blue,amber ,grey ,gold or green.
Rare True Blue 
will turn silver and white
 Congrats to Lyric and Bourbon,4 pups born 7/11/2018
2 white females and a party and white female and one red and white male.
Waiting on Ashlynnes litter due NOW