Party color shih tzu Examples- is 2 (colors) usally white and another color
These are some examples, There are diffrent color noses in the shihtzu.Noses of the Shih tzu can be Black,Blue,lavender & Liver A Blue dog has a blue nose(look at the color nose in the pictures below it is almost a silver gray)sometimes darkens with age. Sometimes a gunmetal  purple color. If you are looking for a common color shih tzu You have come to the wrong person..lol

It is the nose color not fur color that makes a blue dog.
I've seen breeders advertise blue and I do not see the blue nose.Its a hard call on some pups with the dark noses but if they are coming off the blue parents most likely they are blue.I have bought dogs when I first started as blues that were not blue,they were silver.

A silver OR gray dog with a black nose does not  make it a blue,People think because a dog is silver or charcoal that it is a blue dog NOT SO.Nose color and pigmentation determines the dogs Color.I have lot's of dogs with Blue eyes,Blue eyes does not make a dog a blue it is the NOSE COLOR.Some dogs noses are darker but when put in sunlight '''you can and will '''see the blue pigment.The breeder will know if she has watched the pigmentation from birth.Blue Shih Tzu lack a needed color gene for black. Their color is therefore dilute;The dilution gene affects eumelanin (black and liver), although phaeomelanin (red) may be lightened slightly as well. When a dog has two copies of the d gene it impairs its ability to make full-coloured pigment, so the pigment it does produce is paler than on a normal dog. A black dog with the dilution gene becomes blue and a liver dog becomes isabella. A blue or isabella can have any coat pattern, but whatever they have, any black or liver in the coat will be turned to blue or isabella. It is genetically impossible for a blue dog to have any black in its coat.

The main giveaway that a dog is a dilute is its nose colour. The coat may be entirely sable or recessive red, but if the dog has a blue nose, it is genetically blue. 

Shih tzu Colors- what is a Blue?Liver?Black?
example-Liver Noses
There are 4 color noses in the Shih tzu Black,Liver ,Lavender and Blue is the rarest 
 True blue pigmentation around the eyes and blue nose.
Whites can have all 3 color noses.White's with a blue nose are called blue pointed with a liver nose, liver pointed with a black nose, black pointed.Solid white shihtzu are very rare.I register a white by the color of the nose not the fur.
Liver Shih tzu
Blue noses--  The ''no guessing'' --''no Testing'' needed--- lol 
 if its a Blue 
WHITE shihtzu
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Blue eyes shih tzu and Light color eye shih tzu
 Example  VERY RARE  LIGHT EYES Bluecajun Lavenders
 Rare Bluecajun   True Blue Shihtzu  ''BLUES''               Example Blue noses
Rare Blue Brindle Shih tzu
Shih tzu come in either a solid(color) or party and white
Party is 2 (colors) usally white and another color
Example Black Shih tzu Noses
Golds and Cream Blues
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 party and white
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This is the same dog Brody-he went from red to Blue/Blue always wins her at bluecajuns